The Differences Between Bush and Clinton

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As we cannot intellectually argue the ideological separations between political affiliations, not necessarily parties, we can differentiate two back-to-back presidencies and Presidents. A list can be made, and one has to the best of my ability.
Bush pulled down the wall preventing us from attacking terrorists.
Clinton pulled down his pants.
Bush reached out to the Iraqi people and those who made their liberation possible.
Clinton reached all over.
Bush went after the terrorists.
Clinton went after the interns.
Bush removed Saddam.
Clinton removed his shirt.
Bush freed Iraqis from oppression.
Clinton freed Monica from her dress.
Bush sent cruise missiles flying into terrorists.
Clinton sent lamps flying into Hillary.
Bush raised national security.
Clinton raised eyebrows.
Bush silenced some critics.
Clinton and his wife kept silent.
Bush pointed our militarys guns at Saddams army.
Clinton pointed them at an aspirin factory.
Bush stated what he knew at the time.
Clinton withheld what he knew at the time.
Bush has watched over our armed forces.
Clinton used our arm forces to divert the American people from watching over him.
Bush knows how to fly.
Clinton knows how to open his.
Bush mourned on September 11th.
Clintons refusal to get Bin Laden made it happen.
Bush cut the peoples taxes.
Clinton cut the peoples defense.
Bush took the war to the terrorists.
Clinton allowed the terrorists to bring the war to us.
Bush dropped bombs on Iraqi terrorists.
Clinton dropped soldiers to be slaughtered in Somalia.
Bush tightened the noose around Osama.
Clinton set Osama free.
Bush created jobs remarkably, considering 9-11s effect on our economy.
Clinton contributed to 9-11 happening.
Bush took action in the Middle East.
Clinton took action in the Oval Office.
Bush led a country in a time of need.
Clinton led a country INTO a time of need.
Bush rebounded the economy from a recession.
Clinton created that recession.
Bush went after monsters.
Clinton created monsters.
These are only a minute amount of comparisons. They differentiate failure and success, right and wrong. As we saw in 2000, the majority of voters came on the side of wrong. Its scary to think our country could be in the hands of people who side with Clinton, and not Bush. This election year is quite important. Vote Bush in 2004, and see 4 more years of gargantuan economic growth. Vote Kerry in 2004, and you may not live to see 4 more years of anything! Bush in 2004: Whats RIGHT for America!
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This is great Reno!!!
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Bush knows how to fly.
Clinton knows how to open his.
That was my favorite. Great job!

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Sounds like a "send to all your friends" posting.

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Good jokes! :lol
You could make Clinto look great an Bush look terrible aswell, all a matter of opinion.

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Sorry, about the spelling mistakes there.

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I'd say that I made a responsible and well thought out decision.  Well done.  :) I will sent you mail about this.